Don’t let the name deter you, this treatment is the gold standard in reversing sagging skin; there are some stubborn areas which remain impossible to treat no matter the quality of the home care products one uses or sometimes even with Botox or fillers. The Plasma Pen Fibroblast uses revolutionary technology to significantly reduce and lift sagging eyelids, scarring, stubborn wrinkles, reversing sagging and crepey skin, smokers lines, stretch marks and skin tags. This treatment is innovative, non invasive and yet yields incredible results similar to those of surgery without any of the risk. No scalpels, no stitches.

A specialised device is used to deliver an ionised gas (the plasma) which works by adding a charge to the air just above the skin. This process will generate a tiny arc of electricity between the device and the skin which damages existing skin cells and causes them to contract, in turn tightening the skin. That’s when the real magic of this treatment happens, your skins natural healing processes go into overdrive and encourage fresh cells, including collagen and elastin to be produced. The skin around the spot affected by the charge tightens by pulling the cells closer together, making this the only treatment that can successfully reduce the levels of excess skin.

Effects are noticeable right away, full results become visible 12 weeks after treatment. Some clients will require 2-3 treatments.

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